Over the years I have had many tutors, teachers and mentors. It is one of the most important type of people to have in your life, people who look out for you, teach you and inspire you to do better.

I’ve had the really great opportunity of having some amazing teachers over my high school years, who really believed in me and encouraged me to strive further and achieve the best that I can.

In year 12 I also decided to go to a tutoring centre outside of school hours to get some tutoring in some of the subjects I was doing for the HSC. This was when I met one of the tutors who I can confidently say was the one major contributor to my ATAR score, and thus to where I am today.

I also had the opportunity to learn from a range of other tutors, private tutors, other tutors for different subject and each person was different, and offered a different perspective, and was able to teach different things. There were also elements of each person of which I admired and strived to emulate.

Now, in my working life as a consultant, I still have numerous current and past mentors, coaches and even bosses, from which I learn invaluable skills and who keep me motivated and help me achieve my career and life goals.

I also believe that whatever you have learned, you can also pass on to others. No matter where you are in life, there are people who may also look up to you. You may have achievements in life that others may be striving towards.

This is the key reason for which we have created Todemy!, a service that connects students with experts for on-demand help and mentoring. Todemy can connect you with experts nearby who may be able to help with that pesky exam coming up soon, or help you read over an essay or assignment, or maybe even offer nuggets of career advice or interview tips that propel you to the next step in your career.

Me and my Co-Founder Arnold both believe that connecting with relevant people around you can propel you forward, whether thats acing HSC, discovering the next step in your career, or just simply learning something new.